Research is Back 1
(academic year 2021/2022)
Project coordinators: Tara Pešić and Jovana Milovanović
Team memembers: Anka Rađenović, Milica Mastilo and Olga Arsić
Filming and editing team: Omid Rezazadeh and Ivan Praštalo
The project is funded by the US Embassy in Belgrade.
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RESEARCH IS BACK is a series of peer-to-peer workshops on academic writing and research. It includes a series of eight-week workshops for 3rd/4th-year and master students of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade. The goal of the project is to equip students of the Faculty on how to successfully write an academic article, conduct research and participate in scientific conferences over the course of one academic year. More importantly, the project aims to plant the seed of positive critical thinking and provide our students, through activities conducted in English, with soft skills on how to improve their overall quality of academicwriting, develop fruitful research, prepare their articles for national/international journals and present their work at national/international academic conferences. The team behind the project also wishes to shift the attitude of students and set a positive example that academic work is profoundly interesting, inspiring and beneficial to our society.


Research is Back Workshops, Multimedia center, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.
Photography: Omid Rezazadeh
Research is Back Workshops, video filming, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering VIŠER, Belgrade.